Episode 11: Michael Ellis

Michael is an internationally renowned dog trainer and teacher with 30 years of experience in the competitive dog sports.  He has taught extensively to a very diverse group of trainers, from competitive sport trainers, police departments, and the US military, to search and rescue groups, service dog agencies, and pet dog trainers.  Michael’s clear, concise, and patient style has made him one of the most popular coaches of trainers in the country.  He has given over 300 seminars in the United States, Canada, and South America, that’s well over a thousand days of lecture and practical work in the last eight years alone, and as a result, has been one of the driving forces in popularizing reward based training systems for the protection sports.

Michael has competed in and done decoy/helper work for several national level competitions, both in Schutzhund and ringsport.  He was also one of the first Mondioring decoys certified in the US.  He has coached national champions in several disciplines, and many national and international competitors, but he is perhaps most proud of the hundreds of club level and beginning trainers that he has helped to improve their communication and physical skills. He was a past president of the American Working Malinois Association and a former board member of the US Mondioring Association.

Episode 10: Craig Koskyk

Craig Koshyk, is a dog nut. He makes his living running a photography school in Western Canada. What he does for fun, or I'm sure he would tell you, what he does because it's his passion, is hunt over dogs. Specifically Pointers.

We got in contact with Craig after reading his book Pointing Dogs Volume 1: The Continentals. This book was a true labor of love, spanning over 12 years in the making, and over 20 trips to Europe to not only see the dogs in question, but to hunt with them! It is text book quality in it's content, with around 400 photos taken by Craig.
Craig has an immense amount of knowledge about dogs, and was a true pleasure to talk with. If you'd like to check out his book, highly recommended, Or if you'd like to get a grasp on his Photography chops, check him out at: www.DogWilling.Ca


Episode 9: Glenn Cooke

Glenn Cooke has been obsessed with dog training for a long time, and has been a dog training professional for over 20 years. Glenn now runs a large training and boarding facility outside Sydney in New South Wales, Australia.
He is a trainer for the NDTF (National Dog Trainers Federation) and trains dozens of other dog trainers every year. 
His expertise ranges from basic obedience and behavioural problem solving for family pets right through to the highly specialised training and development of service dogs for military and police roles.

Episode 7: Carter Wilde

Carter Wilde is a dog trainer from Baltimore MD. He trains pet dogs professionally, and trains his personal dogs in various dog sports, most notably Mondio Ringsport. Dave and I met Carter in Wisconsin at a French Ringsport workshop, and hit it off immediately. If you're in the Baltimore area, and want to get some solid dog training, you can find Carter at  CarterWilde.com  @CarterWilde on Instagram. We talked dogs, while on Dave's front porch, so this podcast will have a bit of background noise.