The Church of Field and Stream

Farm house where we went hunting

I joined a church recently. It’s not a traditional church, although some might argue that it is the first church, and therefore the most traditional. I can’t say I am a new member here, as I’ve been a participating member since before I can remember. My mom has shown me pictures. There are certainly a lot of regular members, but like most churches we’re always looking for new recruits.

To many this church joining may come as a bit of a surprise as most people who know me understand I am not a very religious person. This is probably why I took to this church with such fervor and always have. Our church has a few commandments, but they’re mostly common sense. Leave the church better than you found it etc.… No one in our church ever passes around a plate for donations, but your contributions might end up on your own plate. I’m talking of course of the church of field and stream.

As I said, I have been a part of the congregation for a long time, but very recently I renewed my passion for it. I met up with Patrick Burns to go dig on his dogs. A term I have seen him use many times, but never really understood that he literally digs on top of his dogs until I got to see it in action. These two little dogs had more courage, passion and fun than most dogs get in their lifetime I think. And from the smiles on Patrick's face, he was no different.

I recently started fly fishing, and I love it because I get to spend some quiet time outside.  But my time spent a field with good friends, and good dogs left me smiling like a kid with their first ice cream cone. I left wanting more, and making the commitment to do more outside.

I hope to see you at church, but until then.

Let us Prey!